2008-06-01 15:52:26 by Itriphus

I wish the 360 would get clan support alredy, but here's a trick (if you don't know about it already, that is) to having a regular directory or listing of all the members in the clan. since you can see friends of friends, make a Silver account with your clan's name and add all the members to the list. (Make sure you let them know that you will be doing this, of course.) And there you has it. :3


Seriously I'm about to fall face first on my keyboard. Thanks to the magical highs and lows of caffeine, I need a caffeine high now. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.


2008-05-15 13:04:49 by Itriphus

Just to let you know. There's your daily zerobomb.

I give up.

2008-05-15 12:25:14 by Itriphus

F*ck audio.

I suck. Therefore, I quit. Thanks.

PM me for the reasoning behind it, if you care.

New demo, and help needed.

2008-05-14 22:55:13 by Itriphus

I just put up a demo of the background/opening loop that's going to most likely appear in my newest song. Problem is, I don't have a good drum loop. Got any tips for making one to fit; what it should sound like?

EDIT: I also need a drum loop for Stuck.


2008-05-14 18:22:08 by Itriphus

Hay. Go listen to The Long Road and tell me what I did wrong. I'm waiting.

And sorry Audio Forum, bugging you guys with those newb threads. :P

My new audio...

2008-05-12 21:51:46 by Itriphus

Sux0rs. Mmkay? I'm gonna get some better software that I can actually understand, so my further submissions don't sound horrible.

I'm getting my flame suit on.


2008-05-10 23:24:38 by Itriphus

Well, hello. I see you made your way through the noobs names to find me. I just submitted some audio, it's gonna take a second to get approved. When it does, feel free to mix it, add to it, etc., I won't ask for money, fame, or anything like that. That's the reason I called it Building Blocks; it's meant to be built on.

In the meantime, you can welcome me if you want.